Christmas Party for Females

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Are you trying to organise your work Christmas function?

Christmas parties can be hard to organise especially when you want to show your appreciation to the ladies that work for you.

But look no further, Man Crush Entertainment love to make a celebration special!

There are multiple options to choose from and ways we can customise a package to suit your needs.

Are you tired of boring office parties?

Look no further then our topless waiters, Have our handsome topless waiters serving your guests drinks & food and then play fun Christmas party games. We have a wide range of fun games to play and make the afternoon enjoyable for everyone!

Why wait in line at a bar, when the bar can come to you?

We have had a lot of great feedback from our portable cocktail services, when our topless waiters turn up to Christmas work function with unlimited cocktails, all the women are all excited! Our topless cocktail mixologist come fully prepared with all the mixes needed to create your favourite cocktails.

End your year off with a bang.

Are you a staff member and want to get your boss back for all the hard work she has put you through the year? Or are you just looking to make the Christmas party one to remember?

Send one of our male strippers to give the Boss a Cheeky Christmas surprise or surprise the office and give the girls a party to remember for years to come.

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