• Teemarrah

Guide on Hosting a Epic Hens Party

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

So you've been asked to be a Bridesmaid by your best friend or sister?

Here we're sharing our tips for any first-time bridesmaids.

1. Keep an Eye on The Budget & Limit Your Money Worries

Know your Brides to Be's Expectations and then set a Budget you think the guests will be able to afford! After you've sorted out the initial budget and pricing for the group, (also don't count on everyone to be able to make it so include that into your figures when finalizing an amount) Make sure to keep an eye on the last minute finances in the days leading up to the hen, as well as on the day. It's easy to go overboard on all the little things that all add up.

Ask your guests to have all their money paid in advance rather than fixing you up with the remainder of cash on the day of the hen. Break up each element of the day (activities, food, transport, etc.) and if paying via cash put the funds for each in separate envelopes so everything is ready to hand over (especially for the stripper or topless waiter/s)

2. Have a Loose Schedule for the Event

When it comes to organizing 10-30 girls it's important to have a rough schedule/plans in place, don't forget that your guests are all adults and don't want to be ordered around like children every minute of the day with non-stop back-to-back activities. Set in some chill/ downtime where everyone has a moment to unwind & relax.

A Schedule in the Facebook event or on the invitation is important as it cuts out any confusion on where people need to be & when they need to arrive if the hens is at multiple locations in one day/ over the weekend.

3. Bride Tribe Needs to Work Together

Most brides have at least two bridesmaids, some as many as five! Work as a team and remember the weekend isn't about you, it's about the Bride to be! Delegate jobs so on the day or for the weekend so that everyone has a role to play, its important that all the bridesmaids feel included. Have this all planned out before the day/ weekend so everyone knows who is doing what, from decorating and keeping guests entertained to tidying and cleaning up.

4. Remember your Audience & Include all Guests